Agile working could give recruiters an edge over competitors, states Josh Cote

Business consultant Josh Cote believes that as the job market becomes increasingly competitive, surrendering to desires for increased agility in the workplace could actually be in the best interests of the company.


Retaining and recruiting top talent is a topic Cote has addressed previously at great length, and he now suggests there is an added difficulty to this equation – one where recruiters are fighting over smaller talent pools. Without going into the underlying causes for this ‘diminished stock,’ the consultant believes small-medium sized businesses and startups can remain attractive to prospective applicants by offering agility to their roles.


“Removing unnecessary constraints and appearing innovative to applicants is a sure fire way of grabbing their attention, so transition it into your recruitment pipeline over the next 12 months,” stated Cote.


According to statistics released by British job board Jobsite, 86% of candidates claim they’d consider switching roles if it meant working in an agile environment. Cote believes this approach is on the rise among UK businesses, and it refers to environments where work is seen as an activity, rather than a regimented place.


“Essentially it’s about a candidate’s desire for flexibility. Many companies now realise that work goes beyond the confinement of a 9-5 ‘brick and mortar’ setting, and those who are able should adjust their roles as such,” stated EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote.


As exciting technologies and new working norms redefine the recruitment process, views on working environments like the ones outlined by Josh Cote are likely to remain prevalent in certain industries where digital technology will shape the future.


Understanding the collaborative relationship between people and technology now could give a company the edge over its competitors in the future.


Source: http://www.jobsite.co.uk/news/recruitment-trends-2018-year-3236/

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