Business Consulting a tough but rewarding path, claims Josh Cote

Motivated individuals who hold an interest in helping organisations achieve optimum efficiency and enjoy problem solving might find consulting an ideal profession. However, EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote warns that there’s a lot more elements to the role than most people think.

During Mr. Cote’s last eight years as a management consultant there have been many aspects that he enjoyed, and a few that have served as a warning for the future. Although many driven individuals would be willing to forfeit their social calendars for career advancement, it is usually the hectic travel schedules of consultants where some people come unravelled.

Contrary to popular belief, Josh Cote states that becoming a consultant doesn’t automatically result in first class service across travel and accommodation commitments. Indeed, he has discovered that the skeletons hiding in the consultancy closet are largely concerned with issues surrounding travel and achieving an attractive work-life balance.

“Becoming a consultant is not for everyone – the hours are long and it is pretty likely that you will endure more high pressurise situations and deadlines than your industry peers,” claimed Mr. Cote.

However, at some point along the consulting career path, Josh Cote believes a period of great reward awaits those who are willing to put in the graft. All previous concerns go straight out the window with the great sense of purpose in his profession that arrives as a consequence from enhancing peoples’ skill sets and augmenting their professional development.

“The greatest consultants care, and have their clients’ best interests at heart – regardless of internal politics or whatever else may be going on in the institution that requires your help,” states Josh Cote.

The EAW Consulting owner went on to reiterate that there are ‘few greater feelings in the World’ to him than when he sees a firm implement his advice successfully to help solve an ongoing issue that improves their business performance. Aside from the tremendous sense of gratification, Josh Cote believes another major perk of being a consultant is the continuous and almost subconscious push for self-improvement across all aspects of life.

Consultants are the experts, which means they’re always learning and adapting to new trends in their industry as they have to twin many years of cross-sector experience with new, relevant and successful ideas for their clients. The EAW Consulting owner is able to unlock the business potential of prospective firms by using his specialist skill set and focus to attain better, faster results than the company itself can through internal means.




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