Consultant Josh Cote wants more businesses to engage in meaningful reflection

As the curtains begin to close on 2017, business consultant Josh Cote has re-emphasised the importance of companies evaluating past performance – where reflection can be instrumental in achieving future success. 

The London-based consultant wants more companies to appreciate the gravity of evaluating past performance to help professional and personal development moving forward – for both clients and team members alike.  

Mr. Cote has previously been hired as an unbiased third party to weigh in on end of year reviews in a variety of differing industries. One constant, though, is that reflection affects professionals at all levels of their careers. It doesn’t discriminate, and no one is above it. 

It is widely accepted that humans learn from their mistakes, and through experience – but what about recall? Josh Cote points to recent research which has produced evidence suggesting that, without the processes of actively reflecting on past experiences and questioning what they present, learning simply does not occur. 

Reflection provides opportunities for deeper learning by looking at triumphs and failures through a retrospective lens, while asking searching questions that challenge assumptions about the environment around you,” states consultant Josh Cote. 

Opportunities for reflection are available throughout the course of the business year, but Josh Cote believes intensive reflection sessions around November – December time ensures that everyone knows what and where to improve on before the start of the New Year.  

Although ultimately everyone is responsible for their own proactivity and continued professional development, Mr. Cote also places a degree of responsibility on orchestrating reflection at the doormat of the leadership. Reflecting on achievements can be a huge motivation booster – indeed, the ability to frame a setback as a chance for redemption is one of the most powerful visions present for creating meaningful change. 

This time of year, more than ever, is about having a mind-set and approach that is constantly questioning ‘why’ when recalling successes and failures of the last 12 months. Disrupting the status quo by finding new and unique challenges to traditional processes can’t happen without reflection,” states Josh Cote. 


Josh Cote has spent the last 9 years identifying underlying problems in businesses, helping them achieve optimum levels of efficiency, and being a catalyst for positive change. He hopes businesses take reflection seriously this year to ensure for a prosperous 2018. 


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