Josh Cote Performance

The London-based business consultant has been making a case for prioritising deliberate practice and hard work over ‘overhyped’ talent in the workplace. 

This comes on the back of extensive research and a variety of real-life situations Mr. Cote has witnessed while consulting businesses, and working with individuals to reach their peak performance. 

Studies by psychologist Anders Ericsson, an expert in the science of capability for decades, support Cote’s claims. Ericsson believes that success in today’s world requires a focus on practical performance, not just the accumulation of information. The multilateral secret to excellence has had entrepreneurs and commentators guessing for centuries, but Cote and Ericsson have questioned whether talent, as a catalyst in this field, has been overestimated thus far. 

Whilst it’s true that some are more naturally talented than others, Josh Cote believes it serves as no more than an initial head start. Ericsson agrees that people who are far left gifted yet make an effort will end up as the high achievers.  

In the past, elite firms have been accused of ‘excluding’ bright, determined working class individuals in favour of privileged, ’polished’ candidates. This is a prime example of the sort of malpractice and bias towards ‘talent’ that Josh Cote has observed with his consulting firm. 

“When you’re pushing yourself to the limit going after your goals with an unrelenting desire – you don’t care about excuses or failure. I’ve seen extremely talented individuals fall by the wayside or fail to deliver on campaigns because they rely on their God-given ‘genius’ too much,” states Josh Cote. 

 It is because of this that the London-based consultant believes companies should prioritise a potential candidate’s discipline and work ethic above all else. Putting in a rigorous ‘effort’ is something no one pursuing success can escape from – it’s compulsory for everyone irrespective of how talented or intelligent they are if Ericsson and Cote are to be believed. 

 Josh Cote has spent the last 18 years identifying underlying problems in his businesses as well as others helping them achieve optimum levels of efficiency, and being an agent for positive change. Mr. Cote is able to unlock the business potential of prospective firms by using his specialist skill set and focus to attain better, faster results than the company itself can through internal means. 

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