Don’t undervalue the importance of urgency in business, warns EAW Consulting’s Josh Cote.

With 19 years of hands-on experience optimising businesses in the sales and marketing industry for success, consultant Josh Cote serves British companies with a timely reminder of the importance of urgency.

This is in part due to the fact that the American business consultant and owner of London-based EAW Consulting strongly believes that creating urgency in business is linked to creating strong mentalities and exponential business growth.

The role of a business owner is to give guidance to others, and Cote believes leaders must set the pace and lead by example.

“Creating a sense of urgency in the workplace can dramatically change the landscape for a business. If the hierarchy are laissez-faire and not driven to their absolute core, it will filter down to the workforce and the invaluable sense of immediacy is lost,” states Cote.

The late author Stephen Covey once said ‘what you do has a far greater impact than what you say’, and this mantra is exactly what Cote wants adopted in organisations – role model-esque workplace behaviour from the leadership.

While Cote has previously advocated for injecting agility into work roles, he maintains that an overall discipline, focus, sense of haste and follow-through are essential traits to keep an individual chipping away at something that is difficult – especially where the results aren’t immediately visible.

“Unless a business is firing on all cylinders, people shouldn’t be going on extended holidays – a level of commitment to the cause needs to be there. I’m not saying you should never go on holiday, but having focus is key – seize the opportunity while things are good in your market. You will reap the rewards for being that way inclined, rather than sleeping at the wheel,” adds Cote.

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