EAW Consulting holds London networking event for young entrepreneurs

On the 10th May 2018 EAW Consulting held an exclusive event, hosting both established and aspiring entrepreneurs at a trendy London location.

The special networking event attracted over 100 guests and welcomed the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow from the sales and marketing industry. The demographics of those in attendance included individuals from the UK, USA, Canada and South Africa.

EAW Consulting’s Josh Cote also had the pleasure of introducing a selected group of the international guests to some of London’s best sights, including a sightseeing tour on a private double-decker bus, dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, and a Chelsea football match.

The main event took place at a cocktail bar in central London on Thursday evening, where guests had a chance to enjoy a night of live music, drinks and networking sessions. Cote was said to be impressed by the passion and commitment displayed by some of the national and international business owners in attendance;

“It’s always a privilege to have so much talent under one roof and to be able to coach and inspire young entrepreneurs from different corners of the globe. In future, we aim to make these gatherings a regular event,” says EAW Consulting CEO, Josh Cote.

The firm believes that collective, cohesive and continuous professional development is the aim of the game in the UK sales and marketing industry, and events like this are essential in keeping businesses abreast of emerging trends with consumer buying behaviour.

EAW Consulting is a London-based consulting firm, aiming to change the way people understand business. CEO Josh Cote has over 18 years of combined experience in the sales and marketing field, including coaching, training and consulting SME’s in both the US and UK.

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