EAW Consulting issues 5 core values that are key to small business success.

After 18 years coaching, training and consulting SME’s in both the US and UK, EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote has cherry-picked a list of 5 attributes that he considers fundamental for achieving success in business.

While the business consultant refuses to accept that there’s some sort of golden path towards success, he does acknowledge that there are a few common denominators that he’s personally witnessed to be critical.

By installing the following 5 values into your company culture Cote believes a business stands a far greater chance of hitting the upper echelons of success where so many desire to be. The attributes the consultant has selected are as follows;

Passion. Loving what the business does and connecting with those that match the brand’s intensity, enthusiasm and dedication is paramount, states Cote. Converting passive employees into passionate brand advocates that are unilaterally bought into the company’s values means there is a team assembled for success.

Commitment. Having a business that’s committed to the cause will allow companies to weather storms unharmed. Josh Cote believes business owners need to create a culture where everyone is constantly thinking ‘bigger’, and striving to create opportunity for clients, customers and team members alike.

“Culture leads when nobody is watching. It’s absolutely essential to create a winning culture in your business, where people go above and beyond even when the ‘boss’ is not around,” comments Cote.

Team. Cote is fully aligned with Harvard Business School’s summary regarding human capital. They claim the most valuable part of a company is the people in it – and any plans to move the business forward have to start from there. Big tasks – even seemingly insurmountable ones – can be broken down using the power in teams.

“Together everyone achieves more,” argues Cote.

Development. Simply put, businesses who are committed to continuous professional development will reap big rewards further down the line, and across many different aspects of their business model.

“A business that’s looking to achieve success will always make learning a priority. We all have the power to change ourselves, or change our surroundings. True leaders not only know who they are, but also know where they belong – or come from,” states Cote.

Transparency. Last but by no means least, companies that have an ‘open door policy’ with no hidden agenda will create a more efficient working environment for their team. This is related to the company’s culture, and Cote believes employees want to be part of a workplace environment that puts a premium on delivering the truth. This means leaders need to be more proactive in sharing what the business’ long-term goals are, and being forthright about its, and the employees, future.

Source: https://qz.com/403391/why-human-capital-is-your-companys-greatest-asset/

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