EAW Consulting run 3 leadership seminars in a single day

On Sunday June 3rd 2018, Josh Cote of EAW Consulting ran 3 separate seminars on leadership best practice in a trio of London, Manchester, and Edinburgh-based venues.

Mr. Cote is a devout believer of continued professional development – especially in regards to leadership, and consequently many of his public speaking engagements are centred around this topic.

Both established and prospective business owners from across the UK assembled to listen to Cote’s speeches that addressed common pitfalls in leadership, and the seizing of ‘make or break’ opportunities in business.

Having previously gone on record denouncing the ability to lead as a born ‘ability’, Cote and his team at EAW Consulting organise multiple forums throughout the year where he reiterates the importance of staying abreast of leadership best practice. Indeed, during his latest batch of seminars, Cote outlined his vision for the creation of in-house development programs that single out high-potential individuals and put them through tailored management courses.

“Leadership is developed – not discovered, and companies need to ask what more they can be doing to provide individuals with the latest tools to teach leadership, and amplify a person’s leadership potential,” stated EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote at the Novotel London West venue.

A consistent theme mentioned at all 3 venues was the notion of ‘leading by example – a  highly regarded, yet rarely implemented aspect of leadership in Cote’s eyes. The theme was addressed because hypocritical leaders tend to struggle when acknowledging differing points of view, and are guilty of micromanaging.

The EAW Consulting owner has spent the last 19 years advising businesses, but particularly enjoys lending advice to young entrepreneurs. This is because he believes addressing leadership issues early on means individuals stand a far greater chance of becoming successful.

“If a mere 25% of the attendants at any of the 3 seminars took something away that will help maximise their potential for 2018 and beyond, then I will consider it a huge success. They are the future,” concluded Josh Cote.

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