In just 3 years time Millennials will account for around 50% of the workforce in the UK, so rethinking the recruitment process is now of greater consequences than ever before.

Millennials possess slightly different job searching habits than their predecessors. On average, they also stay in their positions for a median tenure of just 3 years – a duration less than a third of those aged 50 years and above. However, entrepreneur Josh Cote does not believe this is because they are unhappy in their roles, but rather they are more open to possibilities and keep their options open.

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The digital world of today offers job seekers a far bigger availability of choice than what was accessible 10-15 years ago. In response, headhunters, recruiters, and businesses all need to reconsider their hiring processes to ensure they’re offering opportunities that match new expectations.

As a business consultant, Josh Cote works with clients on strategy, planning, problem solving, helping clients to develop business skills and knowledge. Mr Cote is also dedicated to offering advice and mentorship to businesses aiming to improve their brand and recruitment process. He believes that businesses should set aside time to understand what really motivates Millennials – by asking other Millennials.

Using social media to provide an insight into the company’s lifestyle is also essential, and Mr Cote believes that skilled individuals are now scanning for evidence of company culture on social media channels in addition to the list of open positions.

Back in 2015, a Talent Trends Report found that 61% of millennials reported a positive interview experience when they get all of their questions answered, and entrepreneur Josh Cote suggests that figure has since increased. Therefore, businesses need to show prospective hires everything they need to see, showcasing everything from brand values to bios of the existing hierarchy.

Mr Cote recommends avoiding stereotypes, meaningless jargon, or ‘dress down Fridays’ to seem attractive to Millennials, and instead focus on forging connections and highlighting your day to day atmosphere.


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