Josh Cote explains the digital technology paradox in recruitment

The recruitment process has changed irreversibly from an advance in technology over the last 10 years, however EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote believes this new reality entertains a paradox between the pursuit of hi-tech advancement, and the preservation of a human touch.

Mr. Cote has keenly observed how the day-to-day role of technology in recruiting has blossomed, and become a vital tool to assist every day processes for the industry. In doing so it has evolved recruiting roles and responsibilities to a certain degree, but some elements of the role remain unchanged;

Psychology plays a big part in the recruitment process – a good recruiter should have a sixth sense for understanding when a passive candidate can be gently nudged into an active one. Technology hasn’t changed that, but has set new expectations,” states EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote.

The ability to accurately gauge a candidate’s personal decision-making can be aided by technology, but not necessarily taught by it. Mr. Cote believes that this face-to-face ‘sixth sense’ he talks about must be recalibrated to work across an interconnected range of social media channels and multiple networks – thanks to the advance in digital technology. The function of aligning talent with employment opportunities is arguably a more multifunctional exploit than ever before.

Indeed, the digital world of today offers job seekers a far bigger availability of choice than what was accessible 10-15 years ago. In response, head-hunters, recruiters, and businesses need to collectively alter their hiring processes to ensure they’re offering opportunities that resonate with the candidate on a personal level;

“Being a good recruiter in present day 2017 means being an increasingly effective communicator who can bring a personal touch to an increasingly impersonal arena,” argues Josh Cote.

Mr. Cote believes that every endeavour a recruiter pursues must be authentic and personalised, as appearing genuine is vital to building trust in the position they are offering. It is because of this that Josh Cote suggests, paradoxically, the more digital and social technology advances in the recruitment world, the more important the human touch becomes.

After previously running an outsourced sales company in London Josh Cote now is focused on his consulting business EAW Consulting, where he is dedicated to helping business owners reach both their personal and professional goals. Securing and retaining top talent plays a gigantic role in helping businesses achieve success, and is therefore one of Mr. Cote’s most sought after skillsets.

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