National sales consultant and experienced entrepreneur Josh Cote took to the podium to impart some industry wisdom to other business owners at a leadership seminar in London last weekend.

An authority figure on leadership and business development, Mr. Cote regularly speaks at industry events as he has a vested interest in the benefits of personal and professional development – having excelled in his chosen outsourced sales and marketing industry since expanding his U.S business to the UK back in 2007.

The annual Advanced Leaders event was held at the Hilton Bankside Hotel, with over 80 of the most successful sales and marketing professionals from all across the UK and Ireland in attendance. While direct attention was paid to the importance of identifying the next wave of entrepreneurs, copious other topics were covered including talks on personal development, driving sales, daily preparations, setting the pace in the field and how to recruit the next game changer.

Hoping to motivate and inspire those attending, the EA Worldwide Acquisitions founder and consulting specialist referenced the importance of nurturing new talent, and mentoring said talent. Addressing the room, Mr. Cote stated, “We need to focus on the next generation of entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals, regardless of what stage of the development program they are in; they need to look to the future and have big expectations of themselves and their teams.”

Possessing a wealth of personal leadership experience, Mr. Cote tapped into the mindset of driven young professionals. “Providing opportunities is vital. The bigger the goal the more effort a person is going to be ready to put in towards achieving it,” Josh Cote explained.

Since starting his first business in Boston, Massachusetts USA in 2001, Josh Cote has excelled in the outsourced sales and marketing industry. He now focuses his attention on EAW Consulting, where he coaches and consults in a bid to help other business owners reach their personal and professional goals.