Josh Cote: Technology is transforming the consulting industry

Technology has disrupted almost every industry worldwide, and EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote argues that consulting is no different. During his last eight years as a management consultant, Mr. Cote has keenly observed how the role of technology has blossomed, and become a vital tool to assist every day processes for his consultancy.  

Experts in their field, consultants are constantly learning and adapting to new trends within their industry as they have to couple many years of cross-sector experience with new, relevant and successful ideas for their clients. Therefore, their ability relies as much as possible on their natural strengths, and as little as possible on their weaknesses.

Digital endeavours are no longer the ‘shiny front end’ of an organization, instead they’re now integral aspects of companies. EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote believes technology can help bridge the gap between strengths and weaknesses by empowering users to utilise its platform and take action, transforming an activity they previously found difficult to one they could even sell as a service.

“If you look on the App store on your iPhone the charts are inundated with applications that are geared towards making your life easier, and more organised,” states EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote. “Even for business, there is now a plethora of digital tools available to make managing projects, milestones and relations a quick and easy process, and to continue professional development beyond the 9-5.”

Aside from upskilling and organisational purposes, technology can also enhance the flexibility of a consulting role, argues Josh Cote. Many consultants have to work on the move, be it either from their laptops or on the phone. This is also where flexibility comes in. The appeal of flexibility in consulting should not be underestimated, and Josh Cote believes that now is the time to channel this elasticity, and streamline work processes using digital tools, fully embracing the future of work.

The EAW Consulting owner is able to unlock the business potential of prospective firms by using his specialist skill set and focus to attain better, faster results than the company itself can through internal means. Although many business owners in some industries are struggling to set a digital strategy and maximise the potential impact of new digital technologies, technology can, and does dramatically help Josh Cote in his role as a consultant.


Source: http://www.consultancy.uk/news/13477/independent-consultants-form-opportunity-for-wider-consulting-industry



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