Oct 2018 Tribe of Mentors

‘Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World’ by Tim Ferriss consists of around 1 hundred interviews of very successful people from all walks of life. I’m unsure if Tribe of Mentors is meant to be read cover to cover, as several questions are repeated from subject to subject – so it has short chapters which can be read in five minutes.

A particular chapter may speak to your current situation. If it doesn’t just ignore it and move on. You’ve only wasted five minutes. There are over one hundred other people to choose from. If one of the subjects does offer some advice that applies to you then put it into practice. As far as you’re concerned the book is a success. You’ve found at least one way your life can be improved. Hopefully, you find more.


Text from Amazon.com.

This book is an excellent compilation of advice from some of the most diverse and successful people in the world. It’s very organized and is one of those books you want to always have on your shelf in case you need some inspiration. One thing I loved about it is that it leads you to so many other books! Tim asks the same 11 questions in each interview. What’s amazing is how different everyone’s path to success has been.

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