Recruitment adapting to change, claims consultant Josh Cote

In London, there are now more jobs than there are candidates. This was not the case 5 years ago, and consultant and owner of EAW Consulting Josh Cote believes that recruitment in 2018 must be more focused on the individual, not the role itself.  

Adapting to change in recruitment is an interesting topic, as Mr Cote believes that, as the market becomes more and more competitive, companies are actually switching their focus from what employees need to what employees want. Additionally, Josh Cote claims that businesses that retain ‘old school’ processes can be sussed out a mile off. 

“Recruitment in 2018 is candidate-driven, there’s no question. Although this might differ slightly from market to market, a good salesperson could get five interviews tomorrow – whereas advertising a good sales role might take much longer to locate the eventual talent,” explains Josh Cote.  

Mr Cote also believes that HR professionals must adapt to the challenge of creating outstanding employee experiences to retain such talent – and from what he’s seen so far in 2018 – believes they are. Some recruitment companies now send out packages to successful candidates with their branding on, and it’s delicate touches like this that allows recruitment to adapt to advances in digital technology and the needs of its consumers. 

On the 27th and 28th of January, consultant Josh Cote spoke at a business seminar held at the London Hilton Bankside, where he communicated to his audience the need to adapt and was impressed with their feedback. 

“I’ve been quite impressed with some of the recruitment pipelines and strategies I’ve seen so far in 2018. There seems to be a universal understanding now of how the candidate experience must be enhanced consistently both on and offline,” added Cote. 


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