Sales unequivocally best job to start building CV, states consultant Josh Cote

Business consultant Josh Cote, who specialises in motivational speaking, business development, and customer acquisition, believes sales provides the perfect foundation to enjoy a prosperous career across seemingly endless disciplines.

Speaking at a recent awards ceremony held at London’s Royal Festival Hall, Cote threw huge support behind the sales industry and the pivotal role it plays in developing business acumen in young men and women in Britain.

“In the last 18 years I have not witnessed a more rounded career path than the one offered via a sales role. I truly believe that the skills learned in such a position transcend industry, and even overlap into your personal sphere of life,” stated Cote.

The business consultant went on to reference the widely lauded communication and confidence benefits that good salesmen and women can enjoy. One such advantage is the ability to convince others of the value in something – a trait that has only grown in importance given the digital saturation of marketing channels.

While it might be an obvious statement that being able to articulate ideas is vital to any career, Cote argues no other profession allows someone to perfect this art than sales.

“What other role lets you continually practice your elevator pitch, relationship-building, and rejection-handling skills? Every new day is an opportunity to build upon your ability to persuade and influence. These skills will follow you down any career path you choose to take,” claimed Cote.

Despite many historical pioneers of the industry that have previously gone on record singing the praises of the sales industry, for a time it seemed an unflattering stigma of sales affected how people viewed salesmen and women.

Josh Cote appears to brush this off in his stance, claiming that, while some people don’t directly sell products per say, they probably convinced someone to hire them – they ‘sold’ themselves successfully.

“ – This boost in confidence benefits someone both inside and outside the office. When mulling over your first or second potential job role – do yourself a favour – set a strong career foundation with sales. It’s unequivocally the best job I’ve seen to build the perfect CV,” concluded Cote.

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