London-based business consultant Josh Cote believes that those who understand the dynamics of sales are far more likely to achieve a higher level of success compared with those that don’t.

Cote has spent almost 18 years identifying the underlying problems in businesses, in the pursuit of achieving optimum efficiency. Now Cote argues that a solidified understanding of essential sales skills may solve certain communication issues companies are facing at a basic level between departments, or at a higher level when bringing investors on board.

Today, the stigma surrounding sales is slowly dissipating, but the stereotype of the pushy salesperson still exists. Many people still believe the concept of selling implies pressurising or misleading people into making decisions they don’t really want to. Instead, EAW Consulting owner and consultant Josh Cote wants us to start thinking of selling as the thinking behind a specific idea or project, focusing on the communication aspect of an interaction;

“Move away from the notion of transactions, per se. Sales is about demonstrating the logic, and displaying the benefits of a certain decision or something you believe in,” Coteclaims.

Irrespective of industry, department or role – everyone will need to illustrate reasoning and rationale to co-workers or investors at some point, about how and why a certain idea makes sense. This is what makes sale skills invaluable, and enduring – the fact that they transcend so many different situations throughout a person’s career.

Billionaire, investor and NBA owner Mark Cuban agrees with this statement in a recent article on Inc.com, where he claims that working in a direct sales role is an investment that pays off for the rest of your life.

“Success is based on a strong foundation of sales skills, as it caters to so many different aspects of a person’s career. This counts double for aspiring entrepreneurs, who will need a strong grasp of sales to land customers and bring in external financing,” states business consultant Josh Cote.

Source: https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/want-to-be-a-millionaire-with-1-sentence-mark-cuba.html

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