EAW Consulting ask business owners what they’re doing to make their company’s culture thrive

Owner of EAW Consulting Josh Cote recently spoke at a string of seminars for experts in the sales and marketing industry, where he asked ‘what are you doing with your culture to make your business thrive?’.

Held at the Park Plaza London Riverbank hotel, Cote’s talks were primarily centred around the importance of creating a working culture that allowed people to grow, and take on more responsibility in their current roles.

The EAW Consulting owner spends a lot of time studying company culture as he believes that it is the most valuable part of any given business. Human capital, he suggests, is key to any plans to move a business forward – it all stems from there;

“You have to get people excited, proud and appreciative of your company’s culture,Cote asserted to the audience. “Enlist them, empower them and encourage them – if they feel comfortable doing so, they are more likely to be confident in their decision-making and judgements.”

However, Josh Cote recognises that – although a simple statement – can be tough, and quite idealistic to implement. Human capital is often underdeveloped or badly handled due to the fast-paced nature of most working environments accompanied with short-term thinking.

According to a recent Harvard Business Publishing Survey of global professionals, only 32% of leaders across various industries are confident that their company has the necessary leadership talent and skills to achieve strategic goals.

It is because of such concerns that Cote wants businesses to go above and beyond to ensure they are fostering a healthy working environment for continuous professional development.

“Now more than ever organisations must acknowledge the importance of human capital and company culture as a crucial process towards unlocking untapped talent. This will give businesses better leaders, more motivated managers, better decisions, and a greater ROI,” concluded Cote.

Source: https://qz.com/403391/why-human-capital-is-your-companys-greatest-asset/


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