EAW Consulting urge businesses to use employee advocacy on LinkedIn to help build their brands.

It goes without saying that a company’s employees are its most valuable asset, but the owner of EAW Consulting, Josh Cote, has questioned whether businesses are really tapping into the true potential of their teams.

Cote believes three specific processes – sales, public relations, and recruitment – can all be aided by having a company actively promoted by the current people who work for it.

Whether a business is looking to attract new customers or acquire top talent, EAW Consulting believes brand managers should consider employee advocacy as a sustainable marketing tactic to spread awareness of brand values authentically.

“Overly self-promotional marketing can fall on deaf ears, or even be considered a red flag by browsers. Instead, brand awareness gained organically through employee advocacy can give businesses some content perceived in a truly trustworthy fashion – perhaps even more so than testimonials,” stated Cote, speaking at a recent recruitment seminar for small-medium sized sales and marketing companies.

Candidates looking to gauge a better understanding of their prospective new employer (or role) seem far more likely to trust personal LinkedIn accounts than anonymous Glassdoor reviews, for example. Especially considering the depth of information which is readily available to anyone in possession of a LinkedIn profile.

After spending the last 18 years identifying underlying problems in both his own and other people’s businesses, Josh Cote’s consultancy EAW Consulting have specifically earmarked LinkedIn as their platform of choice to support advocacy initiatives.

“If I’m doing research on a company who’ve offered me a role and I stumble across one of their employees of similar standing excitedly discussing some cool project he or she just wrapped up for a client, that’s going to influence my decision-making tenfold over what their employer bio or job ads tell me,” argued Cote.

Supporting this view, evidence appears to suggest that employee shares have double the click-through-rate of their corporate neighbours (LinkedIn, 2017). In addition, they are urging business leaders to support management in order to ensure enthusiasm for strategies like employee advocacy surpasses a flash in the pan.

“To keep enthusiasm for ongoing advocacy, give employees content they want to share,” concludes Cote.

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